How to Dry Flowers and Preserve Your Garden’s Beauty

Fresh flowers in the garden is a sight that everyone enjoys. Receiving flowers on a special occasion brings joy and allows the beauty of the garden to be enjoyed inside by everyone. But the way to truly preserve the very best specimens, to create a lasting memento of your hard work, is to dry your flowers and keep them for years to come. Here is how to best dry flowers from your garden.

Select Flowers to Dry Near the End of the Season

Selecting flowers to dry near the end of the season will shorten the drying process and give you better results. Newly bloomed flowers are filled with moisture and will attract bacteria when drying. Choose flowers that have been in bloom for several days but have not yet begun to wilt.

Using Water to Control the Drying Process

Next, place the cut flowers in a vase of clean water and keep the vase out of direct sunlight. By placing the plant in water the drying process will be slowed. The goal is to gradually dry the flowers. Do not add water to the vase during this process. Allow the stems to drink from the vase and then naturally dry out.

Air Dry to Finish the Process

Once the water in the vase has evaporated your flowers should feel dry to the touch. At this point, the flowers can be removed from the vase. If the flowers are to be kept intact in a bouquet, the stems can be fastened together with ribbon or twine. Once the bouquet is formed, hang the flowers upside down in a cool dry place for the final drying.

Drying flowers is a great way to preserve the beauty of your garden. Follow these easy steps to dry your own flowers and create works of art from nature. Bouquets of dried flowers make wonderful gifts and decorations for the home.

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