Growing and Giving the Gift of Flowers

Buying someone an expensive gift is one way to express your love or appreciation for their role in your life. But making a gift has charm as well. And, if you spent months growing that gift, the extra effort will show how much you truly care.

Flowers and Chocolate

Growing flowers is a great way to make your own gifts. Flowers are very versatile. A bouquet of pansies is entirely appropriate for welcoming someone to the neighborhood while a dozen red roses would be welcome on an anniversary. After all, it is common knowledge that flowers and chocolate are the best gifts of all. Making gourmet chocolate may be out of your reach but growing beautiful flowers is not.

Choose your Favorite Flower

The first step is to decide which type of flower you wish to grow. Perhaps you will choose your favorite, or the favorite of the person for whom the gift is intended. Either way, once a flower is selected some research must be conducted. This information will disclose the best time of year to plant, the soil conditions needed, and whether or not he plant is hardy enough to be grown outdoors in your area.

From Seed to Flower in a Few Months

It does not take very long to grow a flower from seed if the seed is planted during the correct time of year. Determine when to plant your seeds and make sure the soil conditions are balanced for the plant you are growing. Amend the soil to create good drainage and protect your plant from insects and birds. Decide on a consistent watering schedule and stick to it. Soon, your seed will sprout and you will be on your way to cutting your first flower.

Selecting and Presenting the Best Specimen

Once your plant is in bloom, carefully select the best two or three buds and remove the rest. When the buds show signs of opening remove them from the plant and place immediately into water. Present your gift as soon as possible, flowers from the garden will not last long.

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