Five Reasons Raised Beds are Better than In-Ground Plantings

When planting your favorite flowers or perennials there are two approaches commonly found in the gardening world. One choice is to plant directly into the ground. The other is to utilize raised beds. For the best results, raised bed planting is superior. Here are five reasons why:

  • Raised beds prevent compacted soil and allow for amendments to be added. Yes, it is possible to till the ground so thoroughly that the soil is light and fluffy. But as soon as it rains the soil will again become compacted. With a raised bed, it is much easier to regularly turn the dirt over and add amendments if the balance of the earth is not optimal.
  • Raised beds make the plants easy to reach. One negative aspect of gardening is the long hours spent kneeling or bending from the waist. This results in sore knees and aching backs for many gardeners. Raised beds bring the plants closer, requiring little or no bending and kneeling.
  • Raised beds provide better drainage. Because amendments such as percolite can be quickly added, good drainage is easy to establish in a raised bed when compared to plants in the ground.
  • Raised beds can be made portable to follow the sun. If constructed with mobility in mind, raised beds can be moved throughout the year to maximize sunlight. This will extend a gardener’s growing season and allow for certain plants and flowers to be grown that otherwise would not be suitable for the garden’s zone.
  • Raised beds are out of pest’s reach. If a garden has a pest problem, such as gophers or rabbits, raised beds make it easy to protect the plants from being eaten. If the beds are high enough, the pest simply will be unable to reach the plants. If not, the raised beds can easily be modified to accept cages or netting to ward off pests.

From more healthy backs to less plant-loss due to rabbits, these are just a few ways planting in raised beds is superior to in-ground plantings.

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