Gardening is more than a hobby, it is a lifestyle. Few other activities bring as much peace of mind and sense of accomplishment. Gardening allows you to convene with nature and be physically active, on your terms all while producing a beautiful landscape to be enjoyed daily.

We Cover Every Type of Plant for Every Zone

Our website features articles from around the horticulture world aimed at providing the best information for serious gardeners and first-time plant buyers. We offer tips on which plants to buy, when to plant them, and how to make sure your landscape thrives. We cover every type of plant and every growing zone to bring you the perfect solution to your individual needs.

Articles on the Beauty of Flowers and How to Enjoy them Longer

We are especially focused on the cultivation of flowers and dedicate several pages to selecting the best seed stock, pruning for optimal blossoms, and how to best preserve your flowers to share with the world. From keeping fresh cut flowers looking as perfect as the day you put them in the vase to creating stunning bouquets of dried floral arrangements, our expert staff provides tips and tricks on every aspect of gardening in easy to follow articles and tutorials.

All Types of Gardens and All Type of Gardeners are Welcome

If you enjoy gardening as much as we do, you will love this website. Our mission is to make gardening as accessible as possible to everyone, regardless of skill level or physical ability. Gardening can be as simple as growing a single seed in a small pot or as complex as designing an elaborate backdrop to a stunning estate. Regardless of your gardening goals, you will find the information you need to succeed on our pages.