7 Tips for Keeping Cut Flowers Fresh Longer

After all the work involved in growing a plant, including keeping pests away and selecting the best bud to produce a perfect bloom, the last step is to cut the flower and display it for everyone to see. Unfortunately, cut flowers do not last very long. However, there are things you can do to make your floral arrangement last a little longer, making the effort of growing flowers more worthwhile.

Here are 7 common household ingredients that can have an impact on how long your cut flowers stay fresh and beautiful in the vase:

Warm Water

Plants drink warm water more readily than cold, especially when freshly cut. Use warm or tepid water rather than hot. Hot water might cook the stem, causing more harm than good.


Hairspray acts as a sealant and works to preserve the stem, flowers, and leaves from oxidation. It is best used toward the end of the flower’s time in the vase.


Vodka is an antibacterial agent that can be used to treat human wounds in an emergency. A few drops every day in fresh water will extend the life of your flowers and keep the water in the vase looking clean and clear.


Aspirin promotes the capillary action of fluids, which is why it’s an important medication for thinning blood. One crushed aspirin added to clean water each day will allow your flower to absorb more water, maintaining freshness and aroma for longer.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Vinegar kills bacteria in the water of the vase, leaving your flower clean water to drink. Only add a small amount or the water will become unbalanced, causing the flower to drop its petals prematurely.


Bleach is antibacterial, so it can help flowers stay fresh for longer. Moderation is important: too much will harm the stem and flowers.


Sugar provides a basic nutrient that flowers need to grow and stay vibrant. One teaspoon per day will keep your blooms firm and rich in color.

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